Paving the way for better health

Hallie Ringhand, MS
OIA Director of Wellness
Owner of New U, LLC

After Hallie obtained her MS in 1999, she worked in her field providing therapy for individuals, couples and families. She hired and trained graduate students and ran one of the most accessed family counseling programs in WI.

As a certified fitness professional and a level 1 holistic lifestyle coach with over 20 years of experience, she provides fitness training in health clubs, personal training studios and designs customized wellness programs for individuals and companies. Pacific Cycle, The Federal Highway Transportation Agency and National Guardian Life Insurance are a few of the companies she has worked with.

She holds certifications from the American Council on Exercise, Body Training Systems, and The Chek Institute in both fitness and nutrition. Her training, education and, passion for helping people set and achieve health and wellness goals is what ignited her business, New U.

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  • Wellness Made Simple
Employers and employees are looking for the same things regarding wellness, tangible results in their health by engaging in activities that are both cost-conscious and time-conscious. Today’s corporate wellness programs can be overwhelming and time-consuming. OIA’s mission is to change that.

Helping you achieve your wellness goals

We help your company achieve wellness goals that parallel the company mission while staying true to your corporate culture. We work with you to deliver a smart, engaging wellness program that will elicit a high level of participation among your employees.

The right program with the right people

Whether you are just beginning a wellness program or have a great program in place, we will assist in the assessment of current wellness practices and initiatives and recommend the right programming and the right people for your needs.

Increasing employee participation

Changing lifestyle behaviors in a supportive, corporate climate that encourages involvement and makes wellness fun is the way to make real changes in overall health. A high level of involvement from employees does make a positive impact on our nation’s health. As employees get healthier, health care costs go down, and morale and productivity go up.

OIA will help you implement overall health and wellness by:

  • Giving you the tools to conduct an assessment and review of current practices
  • Spending time with company leaders to encourage support and participation
  • Training staff on in-house programs and wellness communication protocols to keep wellness top-of-mind
  • Negotiating off-site fitness training
  • Encouraging employees to design their own wellness initiatives depending on their department’s specific needs
  • Referring top-notch wellness professionals to come on-site and run results-oriented customized programs
  • Following up to ensure standards are being exceeded and to assist in changing wellness programs as needed

It’s our goal to help you make wellness simple.

Join us as we pave the way for better health, increased output, and happier employees.