• Compliance
OIA is designed as a resource for compliance. Through our agency, dependable vendors, and select relationships we have created avenues to help our clients navigate employee benefits law and the regulatory requirements of health care reform.
The Department of Labor has the authority under ERISA, which governs employee benefit plans, unless excepted, to investigate employee benefit plan compliance.
The OIA road map to compliance is designed to help employers prepare and comply with the issues pertaining to employee benefit regulatory requirements. If you need additional information on specific topics please contact one of our agents today.

Administrative Resources

    Employee Retirement
    Income Security Act
    Health Insurance Portability
    and Accountability Act
    Consolidated Omnibus
    Budget Reconciliation Act
  • ADA
    Americans with Disabilities Act
  • GINA
    Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
  • ACA
    Affordable Care Act
  • FMLA
    Family and Medical Leave Act
    Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act
    Dedicated to Health Insurance for College Students
    Newborns' and Mothers'
    Health Protection Act
    Women's Health and
    Cancer Rights Act